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Your CV must outperform the competition

Our pre-formatted CV templates are designed specifically for the international teaching market. They eliminate the common errors that plague almost every candidate.

Every registered member has unlimited access to The CV Resume Sampler. We'll also help you work out the wrinkles and finalize your file for upload. If needed, you can make changes at any time.

Our CV templates reflect the newest tendencies in the CV design, such as bypassing an "objective", postal/street addresses and other nuances.

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A weak CV means you can apply for 100's of jobs and still get nowhere.

International CVs are often the weakest link. For example, almost every one of those "professional" CVs will include the dreaded "Objective" or "Mission Statement".

The top of your CV is the most valuable real estate. Use it wisely. In the educational environemnt, placing a corporate-style "objective" is a waste (schools infer your objective from your CV title, e.g. "Jane Dow, Teacher of Mathematics").

Furthermore, the egocentric concepts such as "realizing my potential", "learning about the world", "expanding my horizons" are meaningless distractions. For schools, the goal is to resolve their recruiting challenges rather than help candidates realize their potential.

The easiest path to achieving your personal goals is to address the school needs. To win this round, your application must be a solution the recruiter is looking for. Nothing more, nothing less.

At Joyjobs, we'll make sure that your CV is clear, concise, and void of any distractions. When your CV offers a solution to an appropriate vacancy the school responds with a job interview.

CV/resume template

How we optimize CVs

Recruiters process CVs in the same way as you would look at somebody's Facebook page: by checking out points, and jumping from section to section. Your CV must remain coherent when it's read in this manner.

Because of the Personal and References, an international CV is going to be longer. Don't worry about it. We keep all essential information on the front page: your degrees, teaching credentials, job titles, employers, countries and dates.

The less critical information goes to the following page(s), including your personal details. When you follow this principle, your CV can be of any length, exceeding the two page rule, with no problem at all.

To maximize readability, we clear out the clutter. Some common distractions to eliminate:

– Trivial descriptions, use of adjectives and adverbs, i.e. "Communicated effectively with the parents."
– Inconsistent typography (various fonts and sizes.)
– More than 5 bullet points in a section.
– Background images, graphics.
– Vertical lines / sidebars.
– Page frames or shaded boxes
– Large blocks of text.

It's all about clarity and consistence. Done right, a simple Times New Roman, 12 point document will outperform a comparable $300 piece from a resume-writing house.



A professional application will separate you from the crowd of "typical" candidates.

As a JOYJOBS member, you will have your own recruitment page to include your CV, photo, introduction and other details - everything that the schools need to advance your application to the next level: a job interview.

Attention! You are going to need a photo.


Femal Teacher, Black    Male Educator, Black

Unlike US employers that must reject photographs for legal reasons, most international schools require your picture.

For a smart job seeker, a professional image is yet another opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

Remember that every detail in your application must work for you. Otherwise, it works against you. A sloppy selfie can damage your otherwise excellent application if the recruiter finds your appearance unprofessional.

Overwhelmingly, most candidates will benefit from an external review of their application. We'll make sure that your CV works. CV critique, resume formatting and layout help are available to registered candidates.

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The CV mistakes that stop you from getting interviews

We all fail at things. Even the most naturally capable people tend to fail at one thing catastrophically: writing CVs. Well, here’s a fun fact: recruiters only spend 7.4 seconds reading your CV, and if your application in’t resulting in interviews or job offers, you’re probably making one of these mistakes.

Your CV is missing information or confusing.

Because domestic employers are usually prohibited from asking personal questions such as your age and marital status, many candidates assume it's the same process when they apply internationally. It is not. Processing a foreign application requires personal information as it's a prerequisite for your work visa.

If it's not clear from your CV that you are eligible most recruiters will move on to the next application.

Likewise, if your CV is full of local abbreviations and country-specific verbiage (which is self-evident to you), the recruiter may find it hard to understand your qualifications or even what country you are from.

You’re not 100% sure that you want to work at this school.

And, it shows. Your application cannot be convincing to recruiters if you haven’t first convinced yourself that you want to work there.

The first step to getting a job is not brushing your CV off and applying as quickly as possible to every open position, hoping something bites. If you’re not sure that you really want to work at this school there’s no way that you can persuade a school director in seven seconds to consider you for an interview.

If you do happen to get an interview, rather than showing your value and enthusiasm for the position, you’ll likely reveal your lack of clarity and the director won’t be persuaded that you’ll be a great fit for the job.

So, it’s worth taking a step back to determine which roles and schools would be most satisfying for you before you send another application.

You’re applying to different schools and positions, with the same CV.

Your duty throughout the hiring process is to show the school directors that you can solve their problems. You can’t show recruiters you understand and can solve their specific needs if you’re using the same CV every time you send off your application.

Your layout is distracting.

When it comes to your CV, the content matters so much more than the container. If your layout is tough on the eyes and hard to skim, you’re distracting recruiters from your value.

So, instead of wondering which colors you should use or if you can get away with a particular font, you should always ask yourself, “Am I conveying the right message and making it easy for schools to focus on my value?”

As a rule of thumb, unless you’re applying to teach graphic design or another undeniable creative subject, keep your CV simple, concise, clear and easy to read, with lots of white space.

Save your résumé as a PDF and test it to make sure it’s error-free and mobile-friendly, in case the recruiter ends up reading your resume on the go.

You’re still applying online.

If your only strategy for getting your CV seen is sending your application through online portals into the oblivion, you’re diminishing your chances of landing the job you desire.

If you want to bypass the competition, you need to do yourself a favor and start connecting with real humans.

Get ahead by reaching out to recruiters directly and start expanding your network by building genuine, authentic relationships with people.

You’ll find out about opportunities quicker and have a better chance of getting your CV read by the right decision makers.

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Job QuoteWe followed all your advice and came away with jobs from our first choice of schools. We didn't even have to go to a job fair! Just from sending out our webpage, we had many schools very interested. We had a number of job offers just from the webpage and also others from telephone interviews. You really opened our eyes to see how it is supposed to be done.”

Mark and Amy, Teachers
—Mark and Amy