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Even though you must be tempted to jump directly to the employment chapters we urge you to read this part very carefully. Establishing preferences will help you determine the most effective recruitment strategies.

You can’t have everything at the same time – you must prioritize. For example, those who simply want a change for a year or two need not apply for highly competitive jobs with prestigious schools. These jobs won’t let you relax.

People who plan to save money should stay away from expensive countries and so on. You need to know what matters to you most to make a decision you won’t regret.

I want to teach overseas because I am interested in:

buttonCultural enrichment

buttonProfessional growth

buttonMoney, financial security

buttonNew relationships

buttonRevitalizing my Life (feeling burned out, bored)

buttonSpecial Interests (spiritual search, adoption, art, cuisine)

buttonHealth concerns (lose weight, kick bad habits)

buttonSelf Esteem Boost

Integration into a new environment, meeting new people and coping with inevitable challenges will increase your self-esteem. You feel a much more capable person, strong and independent. You are confident with everybody, as your overseas experience has taught you to never put anyone above your shoulders.

“One reason why teachers teach overseas is often overlooked, however, because it has nothing to do directly with the new environment. But many teachers have found that on their return, they have acquired a new perspective on themselves and on the country from which they came, and that they understand and relate to people and issues that before did not seem relevant. This in turn has the potential to open up new opportunities for personal growth. There are many stories of teachers who have branched out in new directions on their return from an overseas assignment.”

We, for example, felt so overwhelmed with impressions and ideas that writing a book and making a website was the most natural thing to do. Neither of us had thought about it before.

Start Your Life Anew!

Oh, that feeling of fresh wind in your sails! Because nobody knows anything about your past you are free to define yourself to your new community in any way you want. If you feel like there are things you should leave behind in your life, going overseas is an easy way to accomplish this transition.

Financial Realm

People who never lived overseas always compare incomes in sheer dollar value. “What is my salary?” is the most frequent question. Because of the benefits, favorable tax policies and other advantages, such as free transportation, housing, utilities, etc. you are actually making up to 30–50 percent more than the same salary at home. To go home would mean a return to a much more modest lifestyle.

Teaching salaries may range from a low of $20,000 to a high of $110,000 annually. Administrative salaries may range from $35,000 to over $175,000 annually. The cost of living in the host country, the size of the school, and the isolation of the location are among factors affecting salaries.

The Time Perspective

Most beginners focus exclusively on the immediate goal of getting a job, as soon as possible. It pays, however, to look at your situation in a long–term perspective. – What do I want to be in 2–3–5 years? Setting goals gives you a sense of purpose. It is important, especially at the first step when the initial culture shock can be quite painful. A vision of where you are heading to helps a lot!

Chapter 1: Load the Ammo!

“Fight fair, but avoid fair fights.” —John Czepiel

The Concept

The guerrilla capitalizes on the 20/80 rule: 20 percent of effort brings 80 percent of the result. Frequently it means leaving the beaten path to explore a different route. Like a knockout blow in a boxing match, a successful job-hunting session is quick – from 2 to 3 days of which only one or two hours are essential.

From the guerrilla viewpoint only the following aspects matter:

1) The potential employers – the schools where you have real chances. (Eliminate those you are not eligible for. For example, it makes no sense for US teachers to apply to UK's MoD schools. Likewise, British teachers do not qualify for the jobs offered by America's DoDEA schools.)

2) Your strongest teaching areas. Many teachers have to make a choice by eliminating the weakest links, e.g. English / History / Music / Drama / French, to concentrate on their best assets, e.g. English and Drama.

3) Geography preferences.

Most of your competition will start and finish on point 3, entertaining their favorite places.

You may EXCLUDE some countries from your list but otherwise keep your doors open.

Your Recruiting Profile

To target-deliver your strengths to a potential employer, you are going to need a cutting-edge profile. Luckily for you, we have been designing them for many years, so you are in good hands. We’ll make one for you, too.

Your profile is set up as bait. It is designed to provide some evidence of your professional and personal credibility. The main idea to communicate is as follows: "I have been successful in the past. I will repeat this success in the future."

The immediate purpose of your Recruiting Profile is to generate hot leads. (Covered in the next Chapter.)

Question. "How do you make me look cutting edge?"

The answer. The initial function is to grab the employer’s attention. To achieve it, it includes the following parts:

Benefits checkmark Your Summary and photo (attention grabber)
Benefits checkmark Your CV and testimonials (professional credibility)

This structure allows you promote your talents in a most effective way. The right presentation of your summary, photo, resume and testimonials will glue the employer to the screen.

For the bait to work, your page has to be brief. Do not overload it with details (the most common mistake!)

A good profile upgrades you to the level of superior candidate. Its impact is twofold – you project a strong image to the recruiter (sell yourself) and at the same time it gives you the confidence that is often the winning factor in a job search.

Removing obstructions

The idea behind a powerful presentation is that of subtraction, rather than addition.

The majority of our candidates have all the necessary qualifications. What they lack is focus and structure. Most of us also need external help in understanding what holds us back - our brain is not wired to give us a true picture.

Your main focus is on removing obstructions. This is akin to the concept of Qi in the eastern philosophy (a natural flow of energy.)

In short, to realize your potential, remove the existing obstacles and channel your Qi (energy) in the proper direction! Below are a few examples.

Misdirected focus

A lot of narratives we receive emphasize the candidate's experience in teaching children from illiterate immigrant families or inner city kids in America. These candidates presume that international schools cater to the needs of the poor and underprivileged people in foreign countries.

In fact, the opposite is true: most international schools enroll students from upper class families, as well as wealthy expatriate circles, diplomatic and business communities. Thus these candidates miss their target entirely. Schools discard thousands of such applications every year and their senders may never know why.

Eliminating visual mismatch

Imagine a typical international school with a dress code, where students wear uniforms. Teachers are required to look professional as well. For men, it usually means a tie. (Parents hate it when they can’t tell a teacher from a janitor.)

If your application photo features a casual look, it becomes a visual discord. Few obstructions are decisive on their own merits, but they add up.

Even though many international schools do not have a formal dress code, your recruitment chances are statistically greater if you sport classic businesses attire. This is especially true for young teachers and inexperienced candidates. As Oscar Wilde put it, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

Cutting dead weight

Perhaps instinctively, people rely on the power of volume, adding all kind of info: university transcripts, letters of reference, diplomas, certificates, etc., etc. Piling up stuff is like overeating: after a certain level the amount cannot be digested and begins to hurt you.

Above all, your recruitment profile must be lean and easy for the recruiter to digest. Edit it for brevity and then reduce the volume once again. Lean is in.

[Truncated for brevity]

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