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international academy quoteHaving my website opened doors for me... I was hired by an international academy in the last minute. I am currently working there. —V.Kalkowski

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quote Several directors have responded on my website alone. I recently turned down a postion in Vienna! They were interested based soley on my webpage and this helped get me the interview. —Joy Koller


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quote My husband has accepted a position at the International School of Aberdeen, Scotland, our first choice! Your website was absolutely invaluable. Thanks so much!

—Annette Gustafson


quote I came away with FOUR job offers! I'll be off to Lima in a few weeks. Again my thanks and best wishes with your business. It's really wonderful”. —Ro Pudney

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Samantha Baker

Teacher of Mathematics


For the past 5 years I have been a 7th grade Pre-Algebra/Algebra teacher at Humphrey Middle School in Greenbrook, Illinois. Stimulating students’ thoughts, motivating students to succeed and keeping students excited about learning are my goals. I want to instill in all students that living is a lifetime of learning so always be willing to learn. [More...]

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joyjobs check mark“Samantha Baker is the perfect example of a pristine teacher―an excellent role model for her students, professional colleagues, and communities at large. As a reflective practitioner, she is able to balance the rigors of the curriculum with the personal needs of her students. She disciplines her students in a way that preserves their self respect and dignity while creating opportunities for all her students to achieve.”

Baochau Thomas, Director
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joyjobs check markStudents appear almost "spellbound" as they follow along with their teacher. Samantha Baker has high expectations of her class and achieves those expectations by individual and group work. She tutors students after school as necessary and always makes herself available to students during lunch and break time to assist.”

Douglas Otjen, Principal
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joyjobs check mark“Ms. Baker is a fantastic Algebra teacher! She has a very different teaching technique such as ‘simultaneous roundtable’, were we explain our problem to our partner, and then we help them if they mess up. She also doesn’t rush everything like other teachers. So Ms. Baker is definitely one of my favorite teachers.”

Jazontae Howard, 7th Grader
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Thousands of teachers, principals, librarians and couselors have used our system to land jobs since 1996. The international schools are very familiar with it, too. They love our candidates.

You could use free blog software and other public options. However, free platforms compromise your privacy and leave you with no control over your information in the long run.

By contrast, our system is completely self-contained and you are in charge all the time.

John McLelland, Teacher of Music:John, Music Teacher - New Zealand

international academy quote I've secured a great teaching position in Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand. This was made possible by the absolutely great advice and guidance you provided for me as I navigated through the sometimes complicated and quite involved process of securing an international teaching position.

I am absolutely convinced that my personal website made all the difference. The New Zealand bureaucracy is quite a challenge and those folks are not easily impressed ! 

But they were very impressed with my presentation. Again, I want to state unconditionally that it was your expert help, guidance and ongoing support that made all the difference, thank you! JoyJobs rocks !

–John McLelland, BMus (Honors), BEd.

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