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Samantha Baker–Teacher/Librarian

Webpage Presentation, International Schools


Qualifications: 9 years' experience in libraries, 3 of them in International Schools. Librarian: BA degree (3 years' university course). Teacher of Primary Level: BA degree. IB courses: Librarianship and PYP.

I have worked in public libraries, art libraries, traveling libraries, and school libraries in 4 countries. A large part of my library experience is in the setting up new libraries and developing library programs. The mission is the creation of a flexible, collaborative learning space that facilitates professional learning and cultivates community collaboration.

I have experience establishing/refurbishing libraries, supervising and training library staff, purchasing library computer systems, tutoring IB Personal Projects and ensuring all 3 IB programmes are fully supported. For the next school year I am seeking a library position in an international school where the library/media center and information literacy is valued.

My Philosophy of Education

My specialty is making libraries alive, with a lot of AMAZING activities, including professional storytelling and puppets. I really believe that imagination is the key to innovation, and that is why it is an essential part of the training of a person. The library becomes a welcoming learning space that encourages and inspires students to be creative and engage in critical thinking, collaboration, and in problem-solving.

Through connecting with Facebook Groups such as the International School Librarian Connection I am able to be aware of future trends in International School Libraries

My passion is literature that teaches us empathy and compassion. The importance of using literature to encourage empathy, kindness, and respect is a foundation for the teaching of 21st-century skills.

As a teacher-librarian I am passionate about promoting reading for language development and for pleasure and through this encouraging students to develop a love of learning. I believe a school library needs 21st-century technology to teach 21st-century information literacy skills that equip students with the information literacy skills they need for school purposes and their life beyond.

In addition my personal interests in human rights, fashion design, children/ YA literature, and learning languages lend themselves to extra-curricular activities.

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Very Important: Testimonials!

joyjobs check mark“Samantha is such a caring and creative librarian, she puts her heart into the library for her students, making her space welcoming for all who enter. She is thoughtful, mindful, and wants what's best for children. Margie loves professional development opportunities, is curious and models life-long learning. And she is a lot of fun to be around!”

—Emily Green, Library Services Coordinator
American International School, Japan
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joyjobs check mark“Samantha has been our school librarian for three years. I appreciate that my students know that the library is a place to learn, explore, and it's also a welcome place to find solace during the day. Samantha incorporates technology beautifully. She has provided digital tools and sources to teachers and parents to use, but she also gives students access to e-books to widen their exposure to literature in all forms.”

Krysta Murray, Director of Educational Services
Concordia International School

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joyjobs check mark“Ms Baker enjoys unfamiliar situations and is well able to work outside the traditional comfort zone. She has outstanding resilience and adaptability. Her training in librarianship has equipped her well to build a library into a learning environment widely used by students. She enjoys interacting with students and has been keen to participate in teaching students how to use the library effectively.”

William Solomon, Principal
Nord Anglia Education, Hong Kong
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quoteWithin two months after I obtained a web page via Joyjobs to "sell" myself, I got a job with an international school in Germany. The photo, introduction, and ability to show my credentials made a difference.

I would highly recommend your service to anyone seeking employment overseas or even in their own country. In today's world filled with technology, being able to open a link and view information about a potential educator is very handy to employers.

―Kristina, USA


international academy quoteHaving my website opened doors for me... I was hired by an international academy in the last minute. I am currently working there.

Viki Kalkowski,  Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

—Viki Kalkowski
Certified Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

The recruitment webpage is a fantastic idea. I am telling all my friends about your service. —Jean Haynes.

I've secured a great teaching position in Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand. This was made possible by the absolutely great advice and guidance you provided for me as I navigated through the sometimes complicated and quite involved process of securing an international teaching position.

I am absolutely convinced that my personal website made all the difference. The New Zealand bureaucracy is quite a challenge, and those folks are not easily impressed! 

But they were very impressed with my presentation. Again, I want to state unconditionally that it was your expert help, guidance and ongoing support that made all the difference, thank you! JoyJobs rocks!

John, Music Teacher - New Zealand
—John McLelland, BMus (Honors), BEd.

Yesterday I accepted a job offer to teach at the Lincoln School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The director loved the webpage you put together for me. I got interviewed via a conference call and was hired on the spot!

They're offering me such a great benefits package, one that includes full tuition for my son! You must remember how concerned I was at the start of this whole process about having a dependent! As a single parent, it's like a dream come true! I just wanted to thank you again for your outstanding service.

—Weda B., Los Angeles, California

Literacy teacher

Several directors have responded on my website alone. I recently turned down a position in Vienna! They were interested based solely on my webpage and this helped get me the interview.

Joy Koller

My husband has accepted a position at the International School of Aberdeen, Scotland, our first choice! Your website was absolutely invaluable. Thanks so much!

—Annette Gustafson

I came away with FOUR job offers! I'll be off to Lima in a few weeks. Again my thanks and best wishes with your business. It's really wonderful.

Ro Pudney