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Joyjobs quotes I have a pending interview this afternoon, through your site. Just waiting to hear from the administrator.

You guys are great! I can't find the breadth of info on international school and their contacts anywhere else!”

Elementary Classroom Teacher

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Joyjobs quotesThanks so much for the awesome website! I got a job in Belgium in the 1st month that I signed up! Great website, great help. Thanks again.”

Sarah K.
Music Teacher

Sarah, music

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What is a "full CV"?

The CV/Resume Sampler, explained

CV QUESTION: “One of the ads I am thinking of responding to asks for a "full CV." Will this CV template fulfill their request, or should I create something more detailed for them?”

Technically, the term CV implies that it is already "full", as opposed to the resume which can be translated as "condensed."

By requesting a full CV the schools simply emphasize that they need one's details in full:

—Your full employment history (dates, names and locations - including countries);

Do not abbreviate (write Texas, rather than TX.)

—Your professional qualifications (origin, dates, validity);

Use unabbreviated names of your schools and locations, including the country of origin.

—Your personal info (nationality, place of birth, age, marriage / dependents);

—Your professional referees (their names, job titles, and contact details.)

Our current CV templates include these sections in their structure.

In some countries they require "faith / religion", "passport number", "driver license" and other info - which we do not recommend to list.

NOTE: A "full CV" does not imply to contain "attended school meetings", "wrote lesson plans", "enjoy reading" and similar entries. Get rid of them.

Finally, if you need to include a specific date, make sure to write the month as a word. For example: 07/03/12 can be understood as:

7 March 2012 (most common)

3 July 2012 (USA)

3 December 2007

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The CV and Resume Sampler for download

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