Salaries and Benefits

The Package

Your Package is more than a salary

In addition to the salary, your contract will include benefits. The common benefits include:

Benefits checkmark Airfares (employee and dependents)

Benefits checkmark Settling-in and housing allowances

Benefits checkmark Paid utilities and transportation

Benefits checkmark Tuition for dependents

Benefits checkmark Health / life insurances

Benefits checkmark Shipping/baggange allowance

Benefits checkmark Paid vacations, holidays and personal days

Benefits checkmark Professional development

Benefits checkmark Contract resigning and completion bonuses

Benefits checkmark Tax free status and a retirement plan

When comparing packages, always consider the cost of living in your prospective country. There is usually a substantial difference between cities as well. A high salary in an expensive location, without benefits, is often a worse offer than a lower amount with full benefits.

For example, when we taught in Bulgaria, the cost of living was very low at the time. The school paid a typical international salary, which was excessive by the local standards. Suddenly, even the most fantastic experiences were affordable! Compared to Singapore or Hong Kong, the pay was low. In Sofia, it allowed you to live like a king!

The next job was in Japan and the situation changed completely. As it turned out, Japan was expensive. Although Japan was one of the most exotic countries we ever experienced, the cost of living was high. One had to budget.

On the positive side, we were paid in Japanese Yen. As the US dollar had been sinking the paycheck in JP Yen began to look more and more attractive. It was like getting a raise every month, confirmation of the Zen idea that the universe is always in a perfect balance between the Yin and the Yan.

How do the schools offer "tax-free" salaries?

Technically, all US citizens must pay taxes while abroad but as long as you make under the cap you owe no tax. (US$95,000 per person in 2019; the Congress increases it every year).

If your salary is under US$95,000 you do not owe any tax to the IRS, hence "tax-free". Obviously, it does not exclude local taxes. Local taxes can be minimal, and in many cases your school picks up the tab. More often, though, the first 2 years there is no tax at all or it is fairly low.

Once you overextend your tax-free period, many countries require that you start paying the social security tax. It reduces your income substantially. This is an additional incentive for teachers to move.

In spite of that, the quality of life is often so high that you may stay anyway. In Japan, for example, many our teachers have stayed for 10 years and more.

—Do you cover interview travel expenses?

Yes, if you incur travel costs please let your interviewer know and they will pass you an expenses reimbursement form – please return to BST with receipts.

—What does the school benefits package cover?

The benefits package for teachers, in addition to salary, is as follows:

Green point Additional 5% of salary as a pension contribution

Green point Subsidised accommodation

Green point Annual home leave flight

Green point Relocation flight and shipping to and from Japan

Green point Health insurance

Green point PC purchase allowance

Green point Daily commuting allowance

Green point Subsidised places at BST for dependent children

—What does the school cover in terms of relocation?

We provide a single economy class air ticket from the UK (or where you are recruited from) to Japan when you join and also a single economy class ticket back to the UK when you leave – this is for teachers and dependent family members.

We also provide a generous relocation allowance for belongings based on a volume shipment from your point of recruitment to Japan and back again. The volume differs for single teachers and families.

(The British School in Tokyo Recruitment FAQs)

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international school pay scale
(Hong Kong International School)

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The American School in London, UK

Private pension (5 percent contribution from employee, 10 percent from the School)

Private medical insurance

Financial assistance to travel home every two years

Generous budget for professional development

Tuition fee waiver for dependent children

Subsidized daily lunch

Life insurance

Income Replacement Insurance for prolonged absence

Down-payment assistance for property purchase

The opportunity to apply for sabbatical leave

Use of school fitness center

Opportunities to travel in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and farther afield through participation in school activities.

Euro bills

American School of Budapest, Hungary

Salary: Per Teacher's Salary Scale
Retirement: 5% matching contribution increased by .5% each year, up to 10% in year 10
Professional Development: $1,000
Medical Insurance:  CIGNA
Transportation to Budapest: Airfare for Teacher and dependents
Shipping Allowance: 600 lbs airfreight plus 300 lbs per dependent
$935/mo plus $345 per child
Home Leave:
Annual return airfare after second year
Sick Leave:
12 days/120 cumulative
Personal Leave:
2 days
Bereavement Leave:
5 days plus airfare
Tuition for Children: Provided
Allowance for Children:
Airfare for college students

international school salary