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checkmarkCraft a Compelling Cover Letter
Make an impact from the start. Introduce yourself, state your teaching experience, and specify your preferred start date. Include a link to your personal website, for example, “See my photo, resume, and references here:

checkmark Don’t spend time explaining how you learned about the job. It won't add any value.

checkmark Respect the recruiter's time. Large chunks of text take time and effort to read. Avoid overwhelming the recruiter with lengthy information.

checkmark Use the school’s verbiage. Use the language and terminology used by the school. Customize your cover letter to align with the job description. Make it easy for the recruiter to see that you are a good fit for the position.

checkmarkBe direct and take action. Ask for an interview, inquire about the next step. Don't beat about the bush. ”The worst situation is when a candidate sends four long paragraphs of turgid text followed by “Thoughts?

checkmark Eliminate unnecessary attachments. The only essential attachment is your CV (resume) which should include your photo. Unless explicitly requested, don't send certificates, transcripts, IDs, or reference letters.

checkmarkWhen sending attachments, give them descriptive names:

Before a recruiter opens your CV, they'll see the file name. Make a good first impression. Stand out from the crowd of generic documents. Use your name and clearly indicate what the file contains.

My new resume fixd.pdf cross

John Bauer, CV_Math.pdf good sample

Lisa Brown, References.pdf good sample

Robert Teller, Photo.jpggood sample


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“Let me thank you for the webpage. Can you believe it, since posting it and sending it out to employers, I presently have five or six schools looking at me. I have never had such excitement generated around me in such a way before.

Physical Education, webpage

I had two glowing interviews and the last school, a university in Daqing, signed me up on the spot!  THANK YOU! I've just singed a 12-month contract and things are moving ahead

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“I got calls from Amsterdam and the one in Weimar and decided to accept the Weimar one. Even at my age (over 60) I was hired. I've already recommended your website to 4 other people!