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Elizabethquote I have told many friends that it is the best example of use of the internet to offer an excellent service that I have encountered to date.

—Elizabeth Imende


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I can not begin to tell you how valuable my website has been the past month! So many wonderful comments and feedback. Several directors have responded on my website alone! I recently turned down a position in Vienna. They were interested based solely on my webpage and this helped get me the interview. But I am off to Croatia!

—Joy Koller

Sheldonquote The info you provide is more than anything I expected! I'm astounded. You have saved me hours (months?) of research as well as dollars. Your professionalism and sincerity in providing the most current information available is reflected in every page.

—Sheldon Alquist

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Recruiting agencies charge hundreds of dollars and there is still no guarantee of employment. Before investing in a recruiting agency, try our inexpensive, do-it-yourself info package. It works!

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