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What I value in my overseas teaching job 

by Pamela Campbell

Teaching in a US public school is not for everyone. I have a strong personality but I am a bad policeman. If you prefer teaching to maintaining discipline then an overseas school is a better place for you...

If you expect interest and respect from your students and their parents, instead of indifference and hostility, then teaching overseas is for you.

btn_red.gif (50 bytes) Finance. There are many misconceptions in this area. You can't compare salaries in US and overseas directly. At home, 40 cents of every dollar are withheld in different forms of taxes. Overseas, your salary is tax-free. 

What is even more important, you will have free housing, free utilities, free phone, no-interest car loan from your school, free round trip airfare, health/life insurance package, settling-in allowance, baggage allowance, pension plans, bonuses, etc. Some  schools offer free meals and other services. 

A lot of opportunities open for you when you are not under the pressure of taxes, insurance, loan payments, etc.

People usually ask, "How much am I going to make?" It is the wrong question! 

The right question is, "How much am I going to save?" It is quite common to save 40-50 % of your salary living a very comfortable lifestyle. It gives you the sense of freedom you'll never have at home.

Of course, there are many low-paying positions where the main compensation is an exciting experience. However, the most lucrative teaching jobs are also overseas. 



There is only one way for a teacher to save substantial amounts of cash - and it's by teaching abroad. 

btn_red.gif (50 bytes) The personal aspect is clear. Most single people either get married or find partners after some time overseas. 

In one year you will have more personal encounters than in your whole life in the States. Unless you are a complete bore or a couch potato, you will make tons of friends.

btn_red.gif (50 bytes) A Word to Singles! The community of expatriates or simply people enjoying a few years overseas is a diverse group of single, married, divorced, or family-oriented individuals from many countries and backgrounds. I never thought I would get married and had planned to work my way around the world.

The so-called 'isolation' of being in a strange environment often brings people of similar languages together, the group-oriented cultures of other countries demand mutual outings, the family atmosphere of many international schools brings people closer, the list of wonderful ways to meet people is endless. Being single is a good reason to pursue employment overseas!

btn_red.gif (50 bytes) A Word to the Shy and Retiring Teachers out there! Are you short on social graces? Are you tongue-tied at cocktail parties? Don't fret because your new life awaits you! Say good-bye to your shy social ways because in your new environment, no one will know your past. You'll be able to start over to become the person you want to be. Don't think that an exciting life overseas is only for extroverts. There are innumerable opportunities overseas for you to come out of your shell and live a vastly different lifestyle. You may even become the life of the party! So let's get on with it!

btn_red.gif (50 bytes) This website contains all the necessary information that you will need to start a successful international teaching career. 

Take your time -- there is a lot more here than meets the eye. Explore the Learning Center, our Overseas Community and online message boards. 


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