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" A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning" —Brad Henry

A seasoned international teacher with 10+ years of experience designing and developing teaching strategies and launching global initiatives and programs to implement change across cultures. Passionate about improving literacy and teaching methods. I practice daily the importance of quality learning and keep abreast of new reading research and best practices. I use innovative technology as an instructional tool for differentiated instruction to assist diverse language learners in learning how to read and write in English.

List of References

Sound Reading Solutions (SRS), Ithaca NY

David Croudace, CEO [email protected]

Greg Hubbell, President [email protected]

Bruce Howlett, Founder [email protected]

Early Education for Every Child Foundation (EEECF)

Natalie Berg, President [email protected]

Center For Reading & Language Research of Tufts University, MA

Stephanie Gottwald, Research Coordinator [email protected]

Katharine Donnelly Adams, Co-author and Visiting RAVE-O teacher in Mexico [email protected]

Mary Gale, Head of School - Mill Falls Charter School, Boston MA [email protected]

Stacy Koeckeritz, Parent [email protected]

Christine Michie, Parent [email protected]

Overseas References
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Instituto Educativo Yits' Atil- Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Ms. Gabriela Borge - Former Director of Language Studies at Yits'Atil [email protected]

Dayra Cano Vargas - English Coordinator at Yits ‘Atil [email protected]

Nerina Sansores - English Director at Yits Atil [email protected]

Celina Hamlin, Teacher [email protected]

Anaco, Venezuela

Gary M. Donahue, Former Assistant Director, Escuela Anaco (EA) Venezuela
[email protected]

Ann Dacamara, Teacher [email protected]

International Community School - London, England

Gregory Roper PhD - Former Director of Student Support [email protected]

Singapore American School

David Hoss, Primary Principal [email protected]

Alison Canon, Speech Therapist [email protected]

Cathy Thomas, Parent [email protected]


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joyjobs check mark“Miss Joy has been working with both of my sons for several months and they are both learning so much faster, much less painfully and are proud of what they can do. Not only has she helped them read, she has really boosted their self-confidence. It has gone from a struggle to something they find truly interesting. I feel so much better about our children's education knowing we have Miss Joy on our team!”

Christine M., Playa del Carmen, Mexico
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joyjobs check mark“Joy Koller has been an enthusiastic contributor to AASSA ´s professional development programs. Joy, as an experienced international educator, is aware of the challenges facing teachers who work and live internationally and has involved herself in exploring and devising training options in the areas of special education and learning and reading disabilities.”

Paul Poore, Executive Director of Association of American Schools in South America
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joyjobs check mark“Joy Koller is proactive, motivated and highly competent in all tasks she sets out to complete. Joy has the ability to relay information between the school, our support staff and development team. Joy has collaborated on specific ELL tasks with our development team. Everyone enjoys working with her. Joy will always go beyond the project scope to ensure customer satisfaction.”

David Croudace, CEO at Sound Reading Solutions, Ithaca, NY
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joyjobs check mark“Joy possess a winning combination of a truly special teaching technique, a contagious passion for her trade and a willingness to share what she knows, and a pure and simple connection with my son Mathew. They have fun together and it shows. Thank you SAS for Joy and Joy thank you for all your support encouragement and enthusiasm.”

Parent, Singapore American School
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joyjobs check mark“Joy brings a creativity and delight in working with children that is evident to everyone, most particularly the children themselves. I have never seen a child who has been reluctant to go off to a remedial session; rather, there is an anticipation of an exciting learning adventure about to happen.”

Ann O'Connell, School Counseling Psychologist, Cambridge MA
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Updated: 26-Jan-2016