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Highly skilled and heavily student-centred focused educational leader committed to the development of student, staff and providing a safe and stimulating 21st century learning environment.

Dynamic visionary and team-oriented leader that pursues the create a conducive school culture of leaders in students, faculty and staff.

Trustworthy professional with a proven track record of improving academics, incresing enrollemnt and building lasting relationships with members of the community and stakeholders.


—School Administration

—Mission Statement & School Vision

—Teaching Mentoring and Development

—Curriculum Developments and Improvements

—Leadership & Team Building

—Workshop & Seminar Presentations

—School Security & Safety

—Program Management & Coordiantion

—Student-Teacher Supervision

My Philosophy of Teaching

My philosophy of teaching and training has evolved from many years of teaching and being in a leadership role to train teachers. As I reflect on my beliefs regarding teaching and learning, I find that my mission as a teacher and leader encompasses a few key points:

To accomplish this, I enjoy applying a wide variety of team building exercises and professional learning communities. Professional learning communities help teachers to "synergize" and help each other build on instructional strategies that best suit their students needs. As a teacher and trainer I feel that a positive learning environment stems from receiving good support and knowledge based information.

I have found that through the 7 Habits of Happy Kids that any child can be a leader. Every child has a something to contribute to a learning society. Building on leadership skills essentially stems into academic success for each child. Instilling these same habit principles for adults, helps to foster great relationships, commonality amongst peers and builds a culture of positive leadership and success.

Following these essential key points have helped me grow in my love for teaching and learning. More importantly, I have discovered that, by sharing my enthusiasm for team building and teaching, I create a culture of learning for both the student and teacher. As a result, teaching with clarity, passion, empathy, and sincere enthusiasm, effectively impacts learners, ultimately connecting them to their ‘passion’ and lifelong learning.

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joyjobs check mark“Denise manages to capture the very essence of teaching, leadership and learning. Her style is very unique and she continually incorporates ways to help teachers and students shine.”

Shaikah Al Melham, Principal
Rowad Al Khaleej International School

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joyjobs check mark“Flexibility and diversity is absolutely necessary when working in our school. Since the boys and girls school are separate, but sometimes need to collaborate, Denise makes sure this is done with ease and with th students learning as the premises for all interactions between the school.”

Michael Eschenbach, Department Head
Rowad Al Khaleej International School

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joyjobs check mark“I have seen Denise operate as an outstanding teacher and leader. Her style is unmatched. She creates effective and positive learning environments that other teachers have been able to emulate and model. This has led to our school being recognized as one of the top schools in Saudi Arabia.”

Latifah Emanuel, Curriculum Deveopment and Administration
Jubail Primary School

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Updated: 21-Oct-2017