Teaching Jobs Overseas International Employment for Teacher

Teaching Jobs Overseas
International Employment for Teachers

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Teaching Jobs Overseas: International Employment for Teachers

Overseas Experiences

Concrete, Steal, and Sushi  Nathan and Stacie Schelble's report from Kobe. "Canadian Academy ...  is said to be one of the top ten international schools in the world, and we believe it! The faculty, staff, students, and parents are truly outstanding."

Offshore Real Estate "Living overseas can be the greatest adventure of your life.  I know of nothing that comes closer to starting your life over than moving overseas."

The Many Faces  of Jakarta 
"It's so humid here that after playing one half of soccer  my hands look like they've been in a bathtub for a whole day..."

Teaching in Indonesia
"It may sound a bit lavish and colonial, but I have a maid..."

 Nude Beaches: All the Skinny
"And yes you can walk around and shop, eat, or even go to the bank naked. A little different than American nudist resorts."



" The faculty, staff, students, and parents are truly outstanding."

Spanish Machismo
"In Spain, men were not at all macho ..in the way that the West interprets the word. Most men between the ages of 20 and 30 still live at home..."

West African Do's and Don'ts "When someone asks you what your name is, say you don’t have one and request that they give you a name..."

A Night in Tokyo
"It has often been said that Tokyo needs few psychiatrists because it has too many hostesses..."

  Amazing Greece
"What has really surprised me is the amazing vocabulary of the students here. They put our public school students to shame. I'm teaching with higher standards here, and at a higher level (with younger students) than I did back in America. It's really incredible."

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